Frequently Asked Questions

Can I color my hair when I am pregnant?


How much caffeine is acceptable during pregnancy?

No more than 2 drinks of 200mg per day.

Can I travel during pregnancy?

Travel is safe in a low risk pregnancy. However most doctors and airlines restrict travel after 34 weeks. Should the patient go into labor she would have to receive care and deliver elsewhere.

When can I have an initial OB Ultrasound?

It is recommended that the patient is at least 7 weeks into pregnancy. Prior to that time, there is nothing visable.

When should I start my pack of birth control?

You can start the pack on the Sunday following the first day of your cycle, or on the 1st day of your cycle.

When should I see my Dr. for my initial OB appt?

At 8-10 weeks into pregnancy unless there are complications.

Does an abnormal pap smear mean I have cancer?

No. Abnormal paps can be caused by a viral infection or pre-cancerous cells and in rare cases cancer. This is why it is important to follow up and dicuss further options.

When should I start having annual pap smears?

It is recommended that females have annual paps after they are 21 years or older.

When should I start routine mammogram?

It is recommended that women 40 years or older with a baseline at 35-38 receive routine checks.

How long does it take my body to regulate after starting OCPS or hormone therapy?

You may have abnormal bleeding or symptoms up to 3 months after starting pills.

At what age should I bring my daughter in?

The first pap smear should be done at the age of 21 per American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines for routine pap smear. However we will see a patient with a problem or for contraception at an earlear age. For patients 14 or younger we ask that they see a pediatrician.

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